So, why would I want to try Cloth Diapers?

Many moms have been talking about cloth diapers a lot recently. These are NOT the diapers my mother put me in so many years ago, after I had constant rashes from disposable ones. Today’s line of cloth diapers have protective diaper covers, complete with monograms, pictures and designs. But, what are the real benefits and reasons a mom might USE cloth diapers?

So, as I Traveled to the BabyTalk Store in Northport for one of our monthly mobile weekends there, I asked Christine and Janet about them. Little did I know, that Janet Chambers has been teaching classes about the cloth diapers in several settings. Being the sweet, helpful lady that she is, she agreed to send me a little bit of information about the cloth diapers to share with all our mommies.

We will feature some more about cloth diapers in future posts, but this gets the ball rolling with some facts many didn’t know about diapers. But until then, Janet, as well as everyone else at The Babytalk Store, is always happy to help anyone who may have questions. To contact them with cloth diaper questions, or to get a schedule of classes for cloth diapers, nursing and pumps, and other pregnancy/parenting topics, simply give them a call at (205) 333-1594.

Please let us know if there are pregnancy/newborn topics you would be interested in us blogging about at . We always welcome suggestions and want to know your thoughts ?
Apryl Norris