Gender Plus Package




Gender Plus Package

A two-visit special. One Gender Determination session to meet your little one, and one Platinum
Package later in the pregnancy to watch how much your little has grown!

  • 2 color prints
  • Gender determination session (follow up session within 3 weeks if needed to be sure)
  • DVD set to music
  • CD of extra pictures
  • Platinum session later in pregnancy including:
    • Twenty to twenty-five minute session
    • 3D/4D imaging
    • Four color prints
    • DVD video of your session set to music
    • CD with 15-30 3D still images for printing or e-mailing
    • 3D/4D images as well as black and white 2D on disc
    • Gender determination if desired (beginning around 15 weeks)
    • $25 off any return visit during the current pregnancy (good on packages $60 and above)