Testimonials – What people have to say!

Hi Apryl!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for meeting with us Saturday morning! We had such a great experience with you and we were both very impressed with how thorough you were in wanting to make sure we were having a little girl (still in shock! I just knew we were having a boy…)!!! I am telling so many of my friends about you and I will definitely be coming back later on to get the 3D image done.

Thank you again! I haven’t quit smiling since finding out we are having a GIRL!

See you again Saturday!
Katie Davis

Wanted to share this with you guys. The first is around 29 or 30 weeks. The second is a week old. Crystal said she had hair, and she was definitely right. Some of her hair is over 2 inches long. We had a hard time getting her to cooperate and this was the second time Crystal scanned her. She kept putting her hands in front of her face (she still does that when she sleeps).

Jessica I.

Hello! Our whole family enjoyed the Ultrasound so much…It was so amazing to see our baby boy like that! He is now a week old and looks so much like he did in the ultrasound pictures! 4D Mommies is the plaace to go! We will never forget that experience!

Katie P.

I am so excited that we decided to get the 3D ultrasound done!! My mom loved the dvd especially when we got to see him smile…..Thank you so much for letting us have a sneak peak at our little boy!

Kaylee C.